Watering your plant the easy way


This was a school project where we needed to make something that if you would click on a button on the screen it would send a signal to the Arduino. The Arduino then needed to do something and return the data from the sensor to the computer.
So in this case, if you click on the button would water the plant. Then the sensor would send a signal back to the computer how much moisture there is.



Tulip Feeling

For school, we needed to make a product that would help people with a sensor in the product. That was the only criteria for this project.

I made Tulip Feeling.


Who is Tulip Feeling for?
This product is ideal for people who are stressed out quickly and therefore cannot function properly or even breathe. This is ideal for people who often have to give presentations such as students. Also very suitable for people who often have to travel by plane for their work but actually fear it.
When do I use Tulip Feeling?
Tulip Feeling is ideal if you are stressed quickly. This can be for presentations, traveling by plane, doctor’s appointments or applications.
This product cannot be used for active activities such as traveling to work by bicycle or exercising.
Symptoms of stress
Accelerated heartbeat and breathing
Tiredness and lack of energy
High or low appetite
muscle strain
Manual for Tulip Feeling
This product works on a battery.
You put the heart sensor on your chest and turn on the device.
You pin the brooch on your chest. You can put the wires of the heart rate sensor under your shirt so that they are not too visible.
The device will now keep track of your heart rate if it is too high and therefore you are stressed, spray a soothing scent to calm you down.
Turn off the device when you exercise or do other active activities.
How can the lavender scent calm down?
The researchers show in the new study that the vaporized linalool contained in lavender extracts works through the nose and must, therefore, be smelled. Many thought that the scent had to enter the bloodstream through the lungs and thus pave the way to the brain. But that idea can now be taken off the table. Linalool stimulates the olfactory nerves in the nose. And in this way, the material helps to calm down.
A study about it
How does the Tulip Feeling work
A patch that is stuck on the chest measures your heart rate. This is constantly updated when you have the device on. As soon as you get stressed and your heart rate goes up, the Tulip Feeling also measures this. If you are above a certain BPM, a spray of lavender will be released. The lavender helps you calm down and your heart rate goes down. If this is not the case and your heart rate remains high, another syringe will be given after 5 minutes with the spray can until you are calmer.


The prototype was made of legos and Arduino. It was not easy to make the prototype because the spray had to be stuck in the lego house so it could not move.