10 uses of old creme jar

I always use body butter afterthe shower. But most of the cremes come in plastic jars.

10 ideas to give your partner in long distance relationship

My boyfriend is going to the other side of the planet for 2 years. I am able to see him once every 3/4 months. So before he left I wanted to give him a present.

How to remodel a straw hat

https://youtu.be/fO8j8IylXHs My mother had this old straw hat that looked really cool. I used this hat for a flower girl costume. One of those girls with shoes with a small heel in black shiny leather with a small buckle strap and white socks. Above that a yellow floral dress that has a lot of small… Continue reading How to remodel a straw hat

How to organize your arts & craft cabinet

https://youtu.be/G78K3kDAVQM I always kept all my art supplies in a drawer under my bed. But I am a bit of a hoarder so recently the drawer became a bit to small. And it was alright for a while but I kept pushing more and more things in that drawer. So solution to my problem was… Continue reading How to organize your arts & craft cabinet

apothecary cabin tutorial

apothecary briefcase for witches and wizards tutorial so you can easy make it yourself.

A very simple tutorial on how I made this apothecary cabinet that can be used for different costumes for witches, wizards, scary people, doctors or any other caracter you can think of. 

Small witch chest tutorial

DIY witch chest tutorial for a small wood box painted in black.

https://youtu.be/Jvdrby0uNCY A very simple witch chest tutorial. Nothing special just how I painted this little ready made box. There are multiple things you can put in this box; hair gel spiders (fake) shells sand other witchy things you can think of.